Heather Fearn

Secondary Education Spokesperson

Heather Fearn is an experienced teacher of history and politics. She is currently Executive Vice Principal for the Inspiration Trust, working with teachers in East Anglia.

Calvin Robinson

Director of Communications

Calvin is Director of Computing & IT Strategy across three schools in North West London, where he manages the IT infrastructure as well as teaching secondary Computer Science.

Gary Walker

Gary spent 30 years in retail management, before becoming a carer for his son 4 years ago, who has complex additional needs. He's the local authority governor for a mainstream junior school and is running to become a councillor in Gosport in 2018. Gary passionately believe that, with the correct encouragement, all children can succeed. 

Steve Mastin

Steve Mastin is the Chairman of the Conservative Education Society for 2017-18. He was Head of History at a state secondary school in Cambridge for 17 years and is now history subject specialist for the Inspiration Trust, a multi-academy trust in Norfolk. He is passionate about a knowledge rich curriculum for all pupils regardless of ability or social background, empowering each one of them to become part of the cultural discourse that pupils from privileged backgrounds take for granted. He trains history teachers for the University of Cambridge and has worked for the Ministries of Education in Singapore and Kazakhstan to train their history teachers. He has advised the Department of Education about the history curriculum, enjoys rugby and running and his favourite city is Lucca in Italy. Now Steve works as an essay writer in He provides qualified advice on explaining complex and controversial issues in the preparation of theses, diploma projects, final qualification works, bachelor's, and master's degrees in history and related disciplines. Thesis, especially on such disciplines as history, requires much more attention than work on other subjects. That is why, in case of difficulty, consultation on the procedure for preparing diploma works in history among specialists is the best solution. Steve will provide the greatest individual attention to your work, which undoubtedly translates into an excellent result in the form of the defense of the thesis, and obtaining the appropriate grade. He really loves his work despite all its disadvantages and condemnation from those who are against the academic student assistance. In the essay writing service, Steve sees the opportunity to improve and learn something new every day and also get paid for it. Quite often, people do not believe that the authors write all the works themselves - without tricks, "literary slaves" and other things. An average student writes three or four term papers in their life and one diploma. For two years of authorship, he wrote about a hundred term papers and a couple of dozen diplomas. When there is no experience in performing student work on an industrial scale, it is difficult to believe that someone can write a diploma in 4-5 days, the paper which you suffered from for a year. And no, these diplomas are not mediocre. Every task submitted by Steve Mastin is full-fledged, unique, meets all the required standards, and is of the highest quality. By fulfilling orders, you not only earn money but also gain a reputation, which in the future will provide you with a greater number of orders and regular customers.

Vernon De Maynard​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Vernon De Maynard’s background is as a mental health professional. His passion for reducing the inequalities within education arose whilst working as a school governor and teaching English as foreign language.

Ed Clarke

Policy, Publications and Research Officer
​​​​​​​Ed Clarke is Head of Classics at Highfield School in Hampshire and the author of Variatio: A Scholarship Latin Course. A campaigner for traditional knowledge-based teaching, Ed is the editor of the SATIPS Classics broadsheet, writes for the TES and The Spectator and tweets at @ClarkesLatin

Jonathan Porter

Jonathan is Head of Humanities at Michaela Community School - a free school doing things differently. His interests include history, religion, politics, and the philosophy of education.

Jack Hickey​​​​​​​

Primary Education Spokesperson

Jack Hickey is the Chairman of the City of Leicester Conservatives. Jack is also a primary school teacher in the multi-cultural city of Leicester. He was selected as one of DMU's inspirational students in 2015 for his work during his 3 years as an undergraduate in education studies. In the past, he has raised with the Secretary of State for Education the need to redress the balance of male teachers and role models in primary education.

John Bald


John Bald is a former Ofsted inspector and has written two books on the history of writing and spelling. He’s also crafted a number of essays to help students with their studies.

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