CES Podcast - Episode One - Trust Your Teachers!

Conservative Education Society presents the pilot episode of the CES Podcast:

Show notes:

School bans teachers from marking in attempt to boost children's confidence

Garbage in, garbage out – is this the reality of school data?

No More Marking

Where have all the good men gone and where is God?

Jack Hickey is Chairman Of Leicester Conservatives, ran as a Parliamentary candidate in last year's general election and is currently a Year 6 Primary school teacher. Jack also serves on the CES Committee as Primary education advisor.

The Problem

Will Bickford Smith: The Conservative Education Manifesto - ‘Levelling the playing field; raising expectations’

With an expectation that 90 per cent of pupils will take the EBacc by 2025, whilst placing greater demands on elite universities and private schools to support the state sector, and ensuring all schools are fairly funded – with no school having its budget cut – the message from Theresa May couldn’t be clearer: we’re levelling the playing field; it’s time to deliver.