About us

The Conservative Education Society (CES) exists to promote an education system based on Conservative values. The Conservative Party’s 2015 General Election manifesto provides a concise summary of our beliefs and the type of education system we would like to see:

“We know what works in education: great teachers; brilliant leadership; rigour in the curriculum; discipline in the classroom; proper exams. We believe that parents and teachers should be empowered to run their schools independently. We believe that teaching is a highly skilled profession, and that we need to attract the best graduates into it. And we believe that there is no substitute for a rigorous academic curriculum to secure the best from every pupil.”

The CES holds regular speaker events, providing our members with an opportunity to discuss their ideas with leading figures in the education sector. We also provide a space for those with an interest in education to share their ideas via our blog.

We welcome a wide variety of view-points and aren’t a mouth-piece for the Party. Therefore, whilst we broadly support the aims of the Conservative Party, nothing published on this site is the official view of the Conservative Party.

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