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The Conservative Education Society (CES) exists to promote an education system based on Conservative values. New articles and information on conservative education will be coming soon.

What is more, in this blog you’ll find interesting and engaging materials about how to better your study, benefits and drawbacks of the education system based on Conservative values, pros and cons of “write my essay for me” services, tips on how to write decent essays and many more.

The CES hosts regular speaker events, giving our members the opportunity to discuss their ideas with leading figures in the education sector. We also provide an opportunity for those interested in education to share their ideas on our blog.

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Latest News

Establishing the UK as the global leader for TVET in the 2020s

Stephen Wright is our Further Education Spokesperson:

At digital student's world you can find exellent articles, informative writing, great educational content.

CES Podcast - Episode One - Trust Your Teachers!

Conservative Education Society presents the pilot episode of the CES Podcast:

Jack Hickey: Where have all the good men gone?

Jack Hickey is the Chairman of the City of Leicester Conservatives.&nbsp…

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Values Of Conservative Education

Democracy. The first and foremost thing that matters to our Society is a democratic approach to education. We value freedom of speech during classes and while working on the assignments. We think that ability to speak out and express unpopular opinions is a must for becoming a well-educated person. Hence, we encourage everyone who wants to join CES to spread the democratic spirit in their educational establishments and at work.

Equality. Here in CES, we believe that every student, every teacher, and every parent matters. We are sure every child should have access to high-quality education and every parent should be able to check the study conditions of their children freely. Also, we believe that every instructor should have a satisfactory working environment so that they can fulfill their responsibilities the best they can.

Freedom. The activities of CES target the major problems of modern educational establishments, including the inability to manage the funds independently and create their own programs of study. It is especially true for state institutions, so we try to make a difference in ensuring freedom of every state school throughout the nation. There is nothing more valuable than independence in governing the institution and freedom of academic research.

Respect for Human Rights. We believe that no child can be discriminated against for their skin color, sex, belief, origin, level of the household income, and educational background while pursuing education. Also, no teacher can be fired for no reason. In our activities, we review the cases of the most flagrant breaches of human rights in the educational setting to help the readers of our blog avoid becoming victims of unfair treatment in the school walls.

Academic Honesty. Finally, we value every study process participant’s ability to stay fair in their educational aspirations. We think that writing assignments should be done personally, and if the essay writer assistance is needed, it should not be the ghostwriting services. Every student can ask for help and get additional writing training but plagiarism should not be the case.

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